The first steps in Termite Control are the ones YOU take...

You can make your home less attractive to termites by taking a few simple precautions:

• Eliminate wood-to-ground contact.  Anywhere soil makes contact with wood gives termites a direct path to their next meal.  Wood siding, porch steps, and lattice work, for example, should be at least six inches above ground.


• Get rid of damp spots around your home.  Termites are attracted to moisture, so make sure your gutters are clean and downspouts divert water away from the foundation.  Repair leaky faucets, air conditioners, and plumbing around or under your home.


• Move firewood and lumber away from your home.  Never store scrap wood against or under your foundation.  Also, keep mulch and landscape timbers away from your house.


• Keep your shrubs trimmed.  Dense shrub growth against your house gives termites another way into your home can also hide evidence of termites.


• Repair damaged wood.  Damaged wood retains moisture and attracts termites.  There’s nothing they love more than damp wood.


• Seal cracks in your foundation.  Any opening larger than 1/64” is an entry point for termites.  Seal basement cracks, repair mortar joints and any gaps around plumbing or wiring.


• Have your home inspected once a year.  It takes a trained eye to identify potential trouble spots.  Even if you can’t see any evidence of termites, it pays to have a professional inspection because termites eat wood from the inside out.  The longer you wait, the more damage they can do.



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